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Crankshaft Grinding

Are you looking for a Machine Shop that can Grind Large Diesel Crankshafts in the Akron area?

We can Grind Crankshafts up to 89 inches long. We are able to Grind or Turn Crankshafts from single cylinder lawnmowers to large Mining and Industrial Crankshafts.

Our Machinist's have at least 30 years of experience. We specialize in the repair and remanufacturing of diesel, industrial, automotive, and small engine crankshafts.

We have the tools and expertise to properly Magnaflux, Straighten, Weld and Grind Crankshafts to restore them to OEM specifications.

Quality is our prime concern and is part of our corporate philosophy. We manage quality of our machine work with up front communication and are continuously engaged in technology to improve techniques and the end machining result.

Align Boring and Honing

Do you have a cylinder block with damaged main bearing bores?

Are you building a high performance engine and want optimum crankshaft alignment and clearances?

You may want to consider getting the block align bored and honed.

We can save blocks that would otherwise need to be discarded. In regards to high horsepower engines, align boring and honing is a must.

Many customers believe that align boring and honing is a step that you can skip to save a few bucks in the machining budget, we disagree. Tolerances are very tight in these areas and if you are out of specs far enough where you have metal on metal contact, the engine will fail in no time.

For more information about align boring and honing please feel free to contact us. Click the following link to go to our Contacts Page.

Cylinder Boring and Honing

Do you have a cylinder block with worn out or damaged bores?

Boring out a block to accept oversize pistons, install a sleeve, to salvage an old core or even to increase displacement is a regular operation in our machine shop.

We can bore cylinders from 2-7/8 inches to 8 inches.

Cylinder Honing is a machine shop process that takes place after boring in which the cylinders are finish sized and finely polished to a precise size, bore geometry and ring seal finish.

Today's engines require straight and round cylinders with the proper cylinder wall finish so that the rings don't wear too much or carry too much oil.

We invite you to have a look around our Website and to contact us with any questions you may have. If you would like more information regarding crankshaft grinding, align boring and honing, cylinder boring and honing or other diesel machine shop services we will be happy to answer your questions and prepare an estimate for the services you require.